The Best Vegan Flatbread with Pesto: Video and Recipe!

Vegan Flatbread

The Best Vegan Flatbread with Pesto is now live on YouTube!

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This dish is light, crunchy and delicious. It evokes all the texture and flavor of a traditional crispy flatbread without the need to use oil, cheese, flour or meat!

And now for a bit of history: Did you know that the earliest earliest evidence of people using fire to cook food is from 75,000 years ago?! Flour and water Flatbreads baked on a fire-heated rock have been a staple for much of humanity for the past 5,000 years.

Cultures all over the world have their own unique flatbread traditions. For example, in Mexico they have the tortilla, in Ethiopia they have injera and in Indian they have chapatti. While the grains may be distinct, the cooking techniques are remarkably similar.

A key ingredient in this recipe is quinoa which is grain-like seed that was a staple food in the Incan diet. The Incas even lovingly referred to quinoa as “chisaya mama” aka “mother grain.” To show reverence and respect to the crop, the Incan emperor would even break the ground with a golden implement at the first planting of the season.

We hope you enjoy this recipe and make enough to share with your loved ones! They won’t believe that this is gluten-free and vegan.


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