NEW Vegan News Daily Dinner Club: “Plant-Based Parties, Potlucks, Picnics & Prep!” Online Cooking Series Starts July 22– Reserve Here!

Improve your skills, learn to cook like a vegan pro in a fun, interactive Zoom setting with like-minded people from the comfort of your very own kitchen


Ready to learn how to cook exciting new recipes and host a perfect vegan party this summer?

Want to prepare a plentiful picnic, whip up quick and tasty potlucks, pack awesome plant-based lunch boxes, improve your meal prep and meet up with like-minded people in a fun, interactive online class?

We’ve got you covered!

Join the Vegan News Daily Cooking Club for our live online 3-part cooking series in July: Plant-Based Parties, Potlucks, Picnics & Prep!

Do you want to eat more vegan meals and share them with loved ones but are not sure how to…

  • Easily shop for vegan products 
  • Cook flavorful plant-based meals 
  • Host a successful vegan party
  • Create tasty vegan finger foods
  • Prepare perfect meals for potlucks and picnics
  • Make healthy and delicious lunch boxes
  • Grow your own sprouts
  • Organize meal prep in containers
  • Find recipes that your entire family will love 
  • Create appetizers, sides, main courses and desserts 
  • Save time in the kitchen 
  • Feel energized after meals instead of exhausted 
  • Talk to your friends and family about the benefits of eating plant-based 
  • Chop, mince, sauté and zest 
  • Learn new cooking skills and socialize with new friends 


We’re here to help and have fun — together!

Each Vegan News Daily Dinner Club class is 1-hour long and has a fun theme

  • Perfect Parties July 22nd
  • Plentiful Potlucks & Picnics July 29th
  • Practical Prep & Tips August 5th

So, sit back, sip your mocktail, share laughs with new friends and learn cool, practical cooking tips from experienced Vegan Culinary Instructors that will really wow you!


You will receive your delicious 25+ vegan recipes in a first edition, new recipe-book — authored by our very vegan stars — as well as detailed shopping lists by July 17th. You can relax, take notes and watch the series, or cook alongside our vegan cooking instructors! And don’t worry if you have to miss class–you’ll receive full-length video recordings of each class in your private play list. How nice is that!

Featuring seasoned Culinary Instructors and Mom/Daughter Dynamic Duo: Elspeth “The Speedy Vegan” Feldman and plant-powered chef, Caileigh Feldman, you’ll cook along with the pros and see how easy it is to make a whole food, plant-based meal that is nutritious, delicious, fresh and fast!

Elspeth (“The Speedy Vegan”) Feldman and raw vegan chef, Caileigh Feldman (right)


    With mouth-watering menus that include how to throw the Perfect Party to arranging Plentiful Potlucks, from organizing Priceless Picnics to Getting Prepped…learn how to prepare fun, delicious meals to delight your family and guests and stay organized and inspired in the kitchen.


    Each event is fast-paced and guaranteed fun! And naturally, you will receive a beautiful cookbook, detailed shopping lists and a complete video recording of each class.

    What’s included…

    • 25+ Delicious Vegan Recipes
    • Detailed Shopping Lists  
    • Three LIVE 1 Hour Zoom Cooking Classes 
    • Expert Guidance from Vegan Chefs 
    • Full-Length Video Recordings of Classes 
    • Tasty Cooking Tips and Tricks 
    • Recommendations for Best Kitchen Equipment, Spices, Herbs & Pantry Items
    • Invitation to Weekly Q&A’s with Vegans Chefs
    • Access to Exclusive Dinner Club Facebook Group 
    • Daily Support from Vegan News Daily Team 

    When you sign up you’ll also receive…

    • Bonus #1: 18+ Bonus Recipes in Sensational Salads & Oil-Free Dressings eBook
    • Bonus #2: 1-Hour Video of Sensational Salads & Oil-Free Dressings Class
    Bonus! Sensational Salads & Oil-Free Dressings!

    You’ll Learn How to…

    • Grocery shop for plant-based foods
    • Read food labels and select produce 
    • Sharpen your knife skills 
    • Safely and speedily chop veggies 
    • Host a successful vegan party
    • Create tasty vegan finger foods
    • Make healthy and delicious meals for potlucks and picnics
    • Prepare perfect plant-based lunch boxes
    • Grow your own sprouts
    • Meal prep in containers
    • Reorganize your pantry and kitchen
    • Store essential herbs, spices, grains, nuts and seeds
    • Create delicious vegan versions of your favorite dishes 
    • Whip up oil-free vegan “cheese”, dressings, dips and sauces 
    • Easily prepare plant-based healthy “meat” alternatives
    • Create texture and consistency in dishes  
    • Expertly spice and flavor meals
    • Prepare a perfect salad
    • Use new kitchen tools 
    • Sauté without oil 
    • Prepare decadent, healthy desserts 
    • Impress family and friends with your new cooking skills 
    • Stay vegan while eating out or traveling 
    • Maintain a vegan lifestyle long-term
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      In our weekly cooking classes and members-only Facebook group, you will receive all the encouragement that you need to succeed in preparing these tasty recipes and building healthy new habits. 


      Our team is here for you every step of the way to answer your questions, celebrate your success, support you when you’re feeling stuck and teach you the best plant-based tips and tricks.

      Make your reservation today! You’ll love it and we’ll love hosting you! 

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