Sneak Peek: French Onion Soup with “Mozzarella Cheeze”

Onion soup

Who else loves soup season?

This Vegan News Daily French Onion Soup tastes like a delicious  hot bubbling bowl that you’d order for an appetizer while people-watching in Paris on the Champs-Elysees. 

Some legends say that the recipe was created by King Louis XV who was returning from a hunt and found that all he had in his cupboards were onions, butter, and Champagne. 

Other accounts of this soup claim that Stanislas Leszczynski, Duke of Lorraine, first tasted onion soup at an inn in the Champagne region. He found it so delicious that he tried his best to copy down the recipes while the smell of onions made his eyes tear up.

Throughout French history, onion soups have been a popular food for the poor, as onions are cheap, plentiful and easy to grow. 

This dish was introduced to the USA by the New York restaurant of Henri Mouquin in 1861, where his wife Marie Julie Grandjean Mouquin was the head chef.

This soup is traditionally made with meat and onion stock. It is then served with a large piece of bread covered with cheese floating on top. 

Luckily for your health, there is absolutely no need to use beef broth, gluten, oil or cheese in our recipe! We even top the gluten-free toast with our very own homemade vegan mozzarella recipe. 

Our French Onion Soup is is perfect dish to enjoy this autumn and winter . It will warm you up from the inside out and have you saying “Oh la la” after each spoonful!

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