Vegan Tour Company VegVoyages Expands to Sri Lanka and Nepal

With a Focus on Unique Places, Tour Operator Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Global Growth

Vegan tour operator, VegVoyages
Vegan tour operator, VegVoyages, grows globally

Vegan tour operator VegVoyages has celebrated its 15th anniversary and announced that it is  expanding  services to Sri Lanka and Nepal. 

The company is one of the first in the growing industry, and has expanded from three trip offerings in India to 23 adventures across seven countries. 

While it might seem that the firm caters to a niche group of people, the founders were pleasantly surprised to notice the uptake by non-vegans of their services, a testament to the quality they’ve committed themselves to providing.

“We focus on building bridges, not walls,” explains VegVoyages Co-Founder Zac Lovas. “Our itineraries emphasis on connecting our travelers and the people of the country they’re in, building more understanding of different cultures, traditions, cuisines, promoting the idea that we all share something in common.”

Not only do VegVoyages customers travel without the worry of finding a decent meal that aligns with their ethics, they can also be assured that the tours won’t involve any other forms of animal exploitation, such as elephant rides, zoos or circuses. VegVoyages also runs its own foundation, which currently supports 4 local village schools, 2 children’s homes and 6 animal sanctuaries.

In addition to its ethical appeal, the global experience of the firm’s founders may have also helped contribute to its success and growth. Many of its founders have worked and lived in Sri Lanka and Nepal, making the addition of these two countries obvious growth areas for the firm. Yet it is the quality of the service that VegVoyages provides that has contributed to its steady growth. In the words of one satisfied VegVoyager, “I resonate with your beliefs and what VegVoyages stands for. Our immersion was more than a holiday… We have come away far richer than we ever would have thought.”

VegVoyages was founded in 2004 by a team of three people from the US, South and South East Asia.  They shared passion for veganism and traveling and noticed a gap in the market for ethical vegan tourism.  The group focuses on offering a unique, exciting and ‘off the beaten track’ vegan adventure. It operates in various cities and remote villages in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Laos and Thailand. 

With a strong emphasis on responsible travel, it supports the communities it visits – such as supporting nonprofits, rural schools and local animal rights groups. Tours are sold on an inclusive, ‘no hidden extras’ basis and run throughout the year. 

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