Movie Recommendation: “My Octopus Teacher” – Wrap Your Head, Heart and Arms Around this One!

My Octopus Teacher

If you’re looking for an unlikely documentary that may transform the way we all think about how humans can bond with nature, “My Octopus Teacher,” from Emmy award nominee Craig Foster, should definitely be on your must-watch list.

Set in the rugged, gorgeous waters of the frigid Atlantic Ocean off the Western Cape of South Africa, Foster begins free diving to reconnect with himself after suffering from a bout of burnout and in search of a “radical change.”

What he doesn’t know is that change will come in an unusual form — his deep connection with an inquisitive, clever and absolutely engaging octopus – yes, octopus! – that will forever change our minds about the capacity of all life on earth to engage in advanced thought, emotion, problem-solving and joy.

The movie is on Netflix and is our pick of the week.  Enjoy!