Crispy Vegan Thai Corn Fritters…On the Way!


These Vegan Corn Fritters taste and look like a delicious street food snack that you’d get from a vendor in Thailand.

In Thailand, this dish is called Tod Man Khao Pod. The traditional version of corn fritters are prepared from cooked corn, ground pork or shrimp , eggs , rice flour, kaffir lime leaves, garlic and spices. All the ingredients are mixed, shaped into patties, and deep fried in canola oil. 

Luckily for the animals and your health, there is absolutely no need to use animal products or oil in our Corn Fritters recipe! 

Our crispy corn fritters are delicious and nutritious. This appetizer will satisfy your tummy and wow your taste buds.  

What’s more, these Crispy Corn Fritters will be featured in our September vegan cooking series starting on September 22nd, called Fall in Love with Flavor!

It will consist of three action-packed, live, interactive classes. Every class is 1-hour long and has a fun theme…

-Fantastic French, September 22nd

-Inspiring Indian, September 29th

-Tasty Thai, October 6th 

Make your reservation today! You’ll love it! And we’ll love hosting you!