New Online Cooking Series Just for Teens Debuts with “Kitchen Takeover” July 14th– Reserve Here!

Summer Camp Options Just Got a Lot Tastier from the Comfort of Your Very Own Kitchen -- Ideal for Teens 12-18!

Teens: Kitchen TakeOver!

Ready for your teen to socialize in a safe, fun, interactive way this summer? Want them to learn new cooking skills, hangout with like-minded peers and prepare delicious, healthy meals like a vegan pro?

Welcome to Kitchen Takeover!Vegan News Daily‘s Cooking Club — Just for Teens:

This action-packed 6-part online LIVE cooking series will be hosted from 3-4 PM EST on July 14th, 21st, 28th, 30th and August 4th & 11th, 2020.

Ideal for Teens 12-18…

Vegan News Daily Cooking Club instructors supporting teens at Mexican Fiesta class at The Key School, Annapolis, MD

Watch 1-Minute Video Trailer Here!


Want your teen to learn how to cook and eat healthier from top experts who are fun and focused? We will teach and empower them to….

  • Easily shop for vegan products 
  • Learn new cooking skills and socialize safely
  • Cook tasty plant-based meals your entire family will love!
  • Create sauces, sides, main courses and desserts 
  • Prepare their own, incredible lunches!
  • Chop, mince, sauté and zest 
  • Save time in the kitchen 
  • Feel energized after meals instead of exhausted 
  • Share the benefits of eating plant-based meals with family and friends

Featuring Culinary Instructors & Mother-Daughter Team: Elspeth —The Speedy Vegan–Feldman and plant-powered chef, Caileigh Feldman, your student will learn how easy it is to cook a whole food, plant-based meal that is delicious, nutritious, fresh and fast!

Elspeth (“The Speedy Vegan”) Feldman and raw vegan chef, Caileigh Feldman (right)

Cooking Club Teens: Kitchen Takeover includes 6 live classes (1 hour each), 33+ vegan recipes, detailed shopping lists, full-length video replays of every class and daily Q&A support in our private Cooking Club Teens Facebook group.

Every Kitchen Takeover class features a fun theme and distinct cuisine:

  • Class #1: Incredible Italian, July 14th
  • Class #2: Classic American, July 21th
  • Class #3: Mexican Fiesta, July 28th
  • Class #4: Amazing Asian, July 30th
  • Class #5: Marvelous Mediterranean, August 4th
  • Class #6: Sunday Brunch & School Lunch and Snack, August 11th

With mouth-watering menus that range from Classic American to Mexican Fiesta, from Incredible Italian to Amazing Asian, from Sunday Brunch to Marvelous Mediterranean… your teen will travel the world — in the comfort of their own kitchen.

TEENS! Only $199

    Each Zoom class is fast-paced and guaranteed fun! Detailed shopping lists and their very own vegan cookbook will be provided.


    During class, your teen teen can enjoy the show, take notes, ask questions and get ready to prepare their meal after learning all the tips and tricks! Don’t worry if they have to miss a class–they will receive a full-length video recording of each class in a private, Teen Members-only Video Vault!

    What’s included: 

    • 33+ Delicious Vegan Recipes
    • Detailed Shopping Lists  
    • Six LIVE 1-Hour Zoom Cooking Classes 
    • Expert Guidance from Vegan Chefs 
    • Tasty Cooking Tips and Tricks 
    • Q&A’s with Vegans Culinary Instructors
    • Full-Length Video Recordings of Classes 
    • Daily Support in Private Dinner Club Facebook Group 

    Your teen will learn how to: 

    • Grocery shop for plant-based foods
    • Read food labels and select produce 
    • Master new knife skills 
    • Safely and speedily chop veggies 
    • Create delicious vegan versions of their favorite dishes 
    • Whip up oil-free vegan “cheese”, dressings, dips and sauces 
    • Easily prepare plant-based healthy “meat” alternatives
    • Bake oil-free tortilla chips
    • Master the art of smoothie bowls
    • Create texture and consistency in dishes 
    • Make pizza dough from scratch 
    • Expertly spice and flavor meals
    • Prepare a perfect salad
    • Use new kitchen tools 
    • Sauté without oil 
    • Prepare decadent, healthy desserts 
    • Discover vegan sources of protein
    • Impress family and friends with new cooking skills 
    • Choose vegan foods when eating out or traveling 
    • Joyfully maintain a vegan lifestyle

    Get ready for your teen to share laughs with new friends and learn incredible cooking tips from experienced Vegan Culinary Instructors that will wow friends and family.

    Vegan News Daily Cooking Club teens class at The Key School, Annapolis, MD

    In our weekly cooking classes and members-only Facebook group, your student will receive all the encouragement that they need to succeed in preparing these tasty recipes and building healthy new habits. 


    Our team is here for your teen every step of the way to answer their questions, celebrate their successes, support them when they are feeling stuck and teach them the best plant-based tips and tricks.

    Make your reservation today! Your teen will love it.  And, we’ll love hosting them!

    TEENS! Only $199