Five Steps to Reduce Stress: Part I

Get Outdoors

With anxiety elevated to near record-high levels for many of us, Vegan News Daily is pleased to share five steps to reduce stress.

  • Get outside: Nothing is more invigorating anytime of year than embracing the great outdoors. Start modestly: Take a walk in a pretty park, cool neighborhood, beach setting, or rustic trail. Take a few pics and share with friends. And, dress right! Warm jacket, hat, gloves, boots or shoes. Sounds simple, but the more you walk, the better you feel.
  • Confide in someone close to you: If you’re feeling down or burdened by the state of the world, then tap into your friendship network. It works! Be candid. What’s on your mind? Let them know. Share your thoughts and they’ll share some warmth. You’ll get a whole new perspective and they’ll feel great because they were of support. So, what’s not to like!
  • Do something positive that makes you feel special: Do you like documentaries, a fun rom-com or a action movies? Great. What about a genre of music that you love but haven’t listened to in a while? Whatever it is, you can probably find it online and then make it an occasion. Movie night! Dance night! Get your favorite beverage going, a comfortable location in the house and simply enjoy! You’re worth it!
  • Be grateful. Each of us has many reasons to give thanks. But sometimes, we forget to acknowledge those things — large and small — that make us feel wonderful. So, set your intentions to give thanks about something every single day. It could be a fabulous meal, a delicious cup of coffee, warm sunlight streaming in the window, your best friend in high school, a loving pet…There are just so many reasons to be thankful. So, thank the universe. It deserves it!
  • Give back! Research has shown that when people give back, pay it forward and help others, they themselves actually feel happier. I know, it sounds a bit like a contradiction in terms, but by lending a helping hand, we are actually improving our own lives. So, volunteer to tutor a student; reach out and provide some guidance to a person in need; make a charitable donation to a food bank; cook some healthy meals for others in need…well you get the idea. Now is the time to expand our positive reach and discover joy in the process.

With these five steps as a starting point, let’s get busy!