Caileigh Feldman: Raw Vegan Expert, Wellness Coach & Marketing Pro

Caileigh Feldman

Caileigh Feldman is a recognized wellness expert, global entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, acclaimed raw vegan chef who is a frequent contributor to Vegan News

A resident of Boston, where she lives with her husband, Brian, Caileigh previously served as the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for international yoga retreat company, Give Joy a Chance. There she built and oversaw global operations, including coordinating and marketing events, coaching clients and creating mindfulness and nutrition curriculum.  

She embodies her message. Caileigh has been vegan for more than eight years and is passionate about the profound benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle for the health of all people, the animals with whom we share the planet and the environment. 

Caileigh is featured regularly on national broadcasts, along with her mother – Elspeth (The Speedy Vegan) Feldman as the dynamic duo seamlessly and joyfully demonstrate the ease of preparing fantastic, sumptuous, plant-based meals that are delicious, nutritious, fresh and fast

Caileigh and Elspeth Feldman
Mom-daughter dynamic duo Caileigh Feldman (right) and Elspeth Feldman

She is an honors graduate of Haverford College with a B.A. in Anthropology, an award-winning film maker, a musician, and an accomplished athlete.  Her goal is powerful, yet straight-forward: “I want to show that veganism is fun, easy, healthy and delicious!  Further, my mission is to make Vegan News Daily the premiere source for plant-based news!” 

She frequently partners with her mother, Elspeth (“The Speedy Vegan”) Feldman –on multiple exciting ventures that include the Vegan News Daily Dinner Club Series, designing vegan cookbooks, and advancing new recipes that are always whole food, plant based — and a joy to eat!