Why ABBA Can Be Key to Vegan Meal Prep


Two phrases that don’t normally go together: meal prep and fun.

But, we are here to help transform your perspective on meal prep and have a great experience.

Based on our anecdotal market research, a few simple tips can make a big difference. First, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed with meal prep, remember to take five deep breaths, go outside and think of five things you are grateful for. Great!

Beyond that, consider a combination of any — or all — of the following:

  1. Put on some great music! We love ABBA. 
  2. Go in with a plan and know what recipes you’re going to prepare. 
  3. Shop ahead of time for the ingredients. 
  4. Make space in the fridge and freezer ahead of time for your newly prepared food.
  5. Ask for help from your family members! Meal prep can be a fun bonding experience for everyone. 
  6. Keep your meals simple.
  7. Have lots of clean containers ready to store your food. Have labels on hand if you’re freezing items.
  8. Take deep breaths and relax along the way.