Top Meat Producer JBS to Deliver 1 Million Freshly Cooked Vegan Burgers in US Sampling Tour


The world’s largest meat producer is going on a vegan road trip this summer – launching a new range of  vegan meat.


A specially equipped fleet of vans will deliver freshly cooked samples of OZO™ plant-based burgers, beginning in July.  What’s more, according to reports, deliveries will include locations where front line workers are at their jobs – hospitals, fire stations and more.

In total, more than one million free burgers will be served over the next year.

According to Darcey Macken, CEO of Planterra Foods, “We are focused on feeding future generations and especially those looking to flex the variety of proteins they bring to the table.”

All burgers contain no artificial ingredients, are soy-free and verified vegan.

Powered by an exclusive proprietary blend of pea and rice protein fermented by shiitake mushrooms, all of the new OZO™ products are a dependable source of protein (with up to 22 grams per serving). They contain no cholesterol and less calories, fat and saturated fat than 80% lean ground beef.

Planterra Foods uses a high-quality pea and rice protein that relies on the fermentation of shiitake mycelia (root) to create a product that enhances the taste and minimizes the flavor impact, while improving the digestibility of the plant-based protein.