Sunflower Seed Cereal to Light Up the Breakfast Table


Watch out tofu scramble, there may be a new high-protein star of the breakfast table. SunflowerFamily USA has launched a plant-based cereal made from – you guessed it! —  organic sunflower seeds with up to 14g of plant protein per serving (35g.)

Here’s what’s special: Not only is the cereal free of soy, grains, dairy, gluten and all major allergens, it also only has six ingredients. The cereal is also a good source of dietary fiber (5g) and naturally occurring minerals and folate. Organic Sunflower Protein Crisps will be available in two flavors–Cacao and Vanilla.

So why the new entry? “Our customers were asking for an organic, plant-based cereal that was high in protein and free from dairy, gluten, and soy, but it didn’t exist. So, we decided to make one,” says SunflowerFamily USA Owner Gary Bartl. 

According to the manufacturer, the cereal has the highest protein content of any organic cereal on the market. The Organic Sunflower Protein Crips can be the main feature of the breakfast show or a supporting role player — such as the topping for a bowl of vegan yogurt or coconut ice cream.

And there’s more: SunflowerFamily USA’s existing line of plant-based products includes Organic Sunflower Haché and Organic Sunflower Haché ready-to-cook meal. Each line is made from only one ingredient and has a 24-month shelf life. All products are certified Organic, Vegan, Plant Based and Kosher. Learn more at: