Vegan News Daily Dinner Club Members Light it Up with Gorgeous Creations for “Mexican Fiesta”


Fantastico! The Vegan News Daily Dinner Club participants in our “Meals & Mocktails in May” three-part series have really showcased their cooking skills — absolutely nailing it in the “Mexican Fiesta” segment on Cinco de Mayo (May 5th, of course!).

Check out these gorgeous creations and inspirations!

Paula S. wrote this about her dish: “Fabulous class!! My daughter and I cooked together. So much fun. Can not wait until next week.” (We’ll take another helping, please.)

And check our this spread from Debra S. (Yum!)

We were also wowed by the Speedy Vegan Duo of Anne-Marie and Rob M., who prepared these lovely items. (Increíble!)

In sum, all of us are humbled and inspired by your talent and skills. So, if you would like to share your creations from Mexican Fiesta, or the upcoming Italian Amore show (May 12th), send your submissions here. And please share them in our Facebook group!

And for those who still want to join The Vegan News Daily Dinner Club, click on the link now. 19% of all proceeds go to Covid-19 food bank relief efforts.

Pues, adiós mis amigos talentosos.