Potato Protein Market Growth Fueled by Vegan Appetites


The potato protein market, according to Research and Markets, is projected to grow at 2.14% per year to reach $92.089 million by 2023, from US$81.102 million in 2017.

Here’s what’s driving the trend.

Potato Protein, as detailed in vegangastronomy.com, is extracted from non-GMO potatoes, so the protein isolates are “pure and native.”

No allergen labelling required.  Equally good: Potato Protein is vegan as well as halal- and kosher-certified.

What’s more, the protein is more sustainable and are higher (2-3X higher) than animal proteins. 

Graphic courtesy of vegangastronomy.com

As  vegangastronomy.com notes: “Thanks to a well balanced amino acid composition, potato protein has a high biological value, higher than offered by any other vegetable protein and close to whey and egg protein. This makes it a good source for protein fortification in a wide range of food products.”

Potato protein is often used to replace an egg and included as a healthful food additive and has one of the most extensive Essential Amino Acid profiles.