Beet It! Power Drink Recipe to Go Stronger with Less Oxygen

Beet + Grape Juice

If you’re looking for an edge in your sport training regime, the vegans might just have a way to “beet” the competition.


According to research cited by recognized nutrition and medical expert Dr. Michael Greger, publisher of, beet helps the human body increase energy extraction from oxygen.

In fact, a test on cyclists who drank two cups of beet juice prior to monitoring on a stationary bike were able to produce the same amount of work with 19% less oxygen.

What’s more, there was a 16% improvement in their time.  Four our taste buds, we love the mixture of beet juice with dark, unsweetened grape juice. So check out our recipe!

Beet the Competition Recipe


Serves 1

½ cup of beet juice

½ cup of dark, unsweetened grape juice


½ tablespoon of Beet Boost


  1. Pour 1½ cup of chilled beet juice into a class with ½ cup of chilled dark, unsweetened grape juice
  2. Add ice as desired

Alternatively, substitute ½ tablespoon of Beet Boost, dissolved into ½ cup of chilled water and mix with ½ cup of grape juice.