Vegan News Daily Raises $1,000 for Covid-19 Food Bank Relief Efforts

Publication Taps into Growing Audience Hungry for Vegan Cooking Tips and New Ways to Improve Cooking Skills and Health – All from Home

Elspeth (right) and Caileigh Feldman (left)

For those ready to socialize in a safe way, learn new skills and cook like a vegan pro, an Annapolis, Maryland-area startup has tapped into an audience hungry for new ways to improve their cooking skills and health – at the same time.

Meet Vegan News Daily (, a digital content platform focusing on discovering and sharing the benefits of a plant-based approach to food and diet, with a decidedly fun and interactive core philosophy.

As Caileigh Feldman, Marketing and Content Manager at Vegan News Daily explains, “We are dedicated to encouraging positive change in how all of us select, prepare and consumer the food on our plates.  What’s more, we are building an extensive and supportive community that is dedicated to sharing and reinforcing choices that are good for each one of us, and in turn, good for the planet.”

In addition to the publication’s daily updates, the group has recently launched a three-part, interactive vegan cooking series known as The Vegan News Daily Dinner Club. It is hosted on Zoom and the series debut is entitled “Meals & Mocktails in May.”  The first segment, which aired live on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), was appropriately called “Mexican Fiesta.”   

Elspeth (The Speedy Vegan) Feldman and daughter, Vegan News Daily Content & Marketing Manager, Caileigh Feldman

Feldman, who is also a raw vegan chef, wellness coach and award-winning film maker, co-hosts the series with another top vegan cook, her mother, Elspeth.  The “senior” Feldman, well known as The Speedy Vegan,  is a recognized vegan advocate and author who effortlessly demonstrates beginner and advanced vegan cooking techniques while warmly engaging with her daughter and their global network of members who can cook right along with the duo.

As part of the program, Vegan News Daily will donate 19% of all proceeds from the series to Covid-19 food bank relief efforts.  To date, Vegan News Daily has raised $1,000 from the initiative.

Concluded Feldman, “We are extremely proud to be part of an active community that is seeking to improve not only our own health and wellness, but joining together to simultaneously give back to those in need.  A giant thanks to our membership for their support and helping to make this possible.”

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