Sneak Peak: Vegan French Apple Lemon Tart

French tart

Your Vegan News Daily Test Kitchen is hard at work – and happily sampling our results!

Consider our French Apple Lemon Tart, It tastes and looks exactly like something you’d buy from a French pâtisserie (bakery).  

And, get this: It’s good for you! Apples are one of the best foods for your health because they contain both malic and tartaric acids which help detox impurities from the liver and gallbladder.

Legend has it that in the 1800’s in a small town in the Loire valley of France, there were two sisters who ran a small hotel.

The older sister Stephanie was the chef and her specialty was the apple tart—tarte aux pommes. One day when she was preparing lunch in a bit of a hurry, she put the apples and sugar in the pan without putting the crust in first.

She threw the crust on top, baked it too long, then turned it on a plate upside down and served it without first giving it time to cool.

Thus, the delicious tarte tatin was born. Maxim’s, the famous Paris restaurant, heard about the popularity of the tart, and got a chef of theirs to pose as a gardener—who stole the recipe from the Tatin sisters.

It has been on Maxim’s menu ever since.

There is no need to use milk, eggs or cream in this vegan tart!  Equally important, our recipe is also salt, oil and sugar free!

Our vegan tart will leave your taste buds dancing, your body feeling light and your heart happy from not eating animal products!  

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