Sprouts Gain Long Shelf Life with New Approach from Ra Foods


If you’re wild about sprouts, a new patented Cold Grown® process developed by Rä Foods LLC, Wild About Sprouts™ is said to deliver a fresh produce item with a 21 day shelf life.

Wild About Sprouts™ are versatile and easy to store in the refrigerator, while offering an abundance of micronutrients.

Here’s how it works: Wild About Sprouts™ seeds are planted directly in 3 ounce packages and the tiny sprouts remain alive and completely untouched until you open the package at home.  “Each package is like a tiny garden living undisturbed in your refrigerator,” said Dan Sholl, General Manager at Rä Foods, Wild About Sprouts™.  “Our sprouts provide an incredibly easy way to add fresh sprouted veggies to all meal occasions including breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. It’s a good fit for consumers at home looking for some variety, looking to add more healthy food options to their daily diet or those just looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite meals.”  

Rä Foods grows Wild About Sprouts™ using a patented COLD GROWN® process (PAT No. 10015936) that prevents the growth of pathogens and eliminates handling that could introduce contaminants and promote spoilage.  As an additional safety step, final product pathogen testing occurs before every shipment.   The result is also a naturally long shelf life meaning these sprouts will last long after other produce in your refrigerator spoils.

Wild About Sprouts™ are also produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way; being herbicide-free, pesticide-free, non GMO, and using only ¼ cup of water per package with no waste.  In addition, each package and growing pad is recyclable.