Two Costco® Deli Favorites Go 100% Plant-Based

Costco Wholesale® will be selling the newly vegan Don Lee Farms® Organic Veggie Burger and Organic Veggie Bites in the deli section

Don Lee Farms

Don Lee Farms confirmed that its popular fresh Organic Veggie Burgers and Organic Veggie Bites sold at Costco® are going 100% plant-based. 

The new plant-based formulas will replace Don Lee Farms®’ current vegetarian items sold in the fresh deli section at Costco Wholesale®.

The newly vegan burgers and bites are formulated with organic plant-based ingredients, including organic veggies and organic sunflower seeds. The new formulas are gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, gmo-free, free from artificial ingredients and organic certified. 

Danny Goodman, Development, Don Lee Farms, said: “We are passionate about making delicious foods that motivate people to send us comments like, “Wow!!! What else do you make?” That’s really rewarding. We strive to make foods that are downright tasty, nutritious and easy to prepare at home. When we do all of those things right in development, we know that we have an exciting new item to tell people about. We knew we were ready with this launch when our plant-based formulas handily beat out our vegetarian ones in every blind cutting we performed.” 

The family-owned food company, named by Women’s Health® as one of the best veggie burger brands, according to nutritionists, recently announced distribution in Kroger®, Publix®, Giant Martins® and a global expansion into 15 countries in Europe, South America and the Caribbean. 

The new items will be launching in the Summer, just in time for grilling season.