Sunwink Herbal Drinks Take on Kombucha Market

Drinks are paleo and vegan friendly with half the sugar of a kombucha

With half the sugar of a kombucha

Sparkling herbal tonic beverage entrant Sunwink has bellied up to the vegan bar with its sites on toppling kombucha beverages.

Sunwink is  a San Francisco based, female founded herbal tonic beverage that is bringing herbs to the forefront of the self-care scene.

Since its 2018 launch- the brand’s Sparkling Detox Ginger has become so popular the company reports that it had to rapidly increase production. 

Using bitter herbs like dandelion and burdock root to help the body release digestive enzymes, the effervescent tonic helps the body do what it’s supposed to do, as opposed to kombucha, which merely adds probiotics to the system (a good, but temporary fix).

With half the sugar of a kombucha (most kombuchas range from 12 – 24 grams of sugar per bottle) and 35-50 calories per bottle, Sunwink uses no natural flavors and no citric acid. 

Sunwink Herbal Drinks

So where does the flavor come fromt? It’s the herbs. 

What’s more, the drinks are paleo and vegan friendly.  They also use organic maple syrup to slightly sweeten the blends.

Retailing for $5 a bottle – the beverage is also available in Turmeric Cleanse and Immunity Berry and can be found at They also sell in 150 Bay Area locations and launched in Erewhon in Los Angeles just last week. 

Founder Eliza Timpson says, “Sunwink is on a mission to help people incorporate herbs into their daily lives.”

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