Move Aside Eggs! Tofu Scramble is Delicious and Cruelty-Free!

Tofu Scramble

Looking for an easy packed lunch or dinner idea? Try our Vegan Egg-less Salad ! 

Here’s why this fabulous dish is good for you and good for the planet!

Did you know that chickens are incredibly intelligent animals and outperform both dogs and cats on tests for cognitive, emotional and behavioral complexity. 

Unfortunately, over 95% of eggs in the USA still come from factory farms. In the USA alone, over 200 million baby male chicks are ground up alive after being born, since they don’t lay eggs. 

Female chicks have their beaks cut off without anesthesia or pain relief. The chickens live in incredibly cramped dark conditions unable to spread their wings or ever see daylight. 

And get this: having over 20,000 hens in one barn is still somehow allowed to be considered “free-range”! It is important to see through the illusion of “cage-free” and “free-range” and realize that those are just marketing tactics and not the harsh reality. 

Eggs also pose significant and unnecessary health risks healthy. They are loaded with cholesterol—a known risk factor for coronary heart disease and heart attacks.  Study done by the Journal of Atherosclerosis Research found that eating one egg per day is just as bad for your heart as smoking five cigarettes a day. 

According to plant-based expert Dr. Greger: “Compared with men who rarely eat eggs, men eating even less than one egg a day appear to have twice the risk of prostate cancer progression.” 

Consuming eggs also puts you at a major risk of food poisoning. Salmonella bacteria in eggs can survive most cooking methods, including scrambled, omelets, sunny-side-up, and boiled. 

But, there is a better way!

Thankfully, our Vegan Egg-less Salad contains all the flavor and none of the high cholesterol or animal products. Win-win!  🥳 

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