Burger King Bites Big on the Vegan Impossible Whopper with Nationwide Rollout


Big vegan news in the world of fast food: Burger King is taking a whopper of a leap, rolling out the Impossible Whopper to all 7,200 of its locations. 

This follows a successful test in St. Louis, after which the Impossible Whopper debuted in San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegans and other cities.

Interestingly enough, McDonalds – which has twice as many locations as Burger King –has not yet fully consumed the movement, which may provide Burger King with a distinct first-mover status in terms of vegan fast food offerings.

At the same time, following in the footsteps of Beyond Meat, the Impossible Burger is likely to be in grocery store by the fall of this year. 

According to CNET, the burger patties supplied to Burger King are based on Impossible’s new 2.0 formulation. This formulation, according to the news report, “holds up better in restaurant environments, like sitting in hot holding trays or standing up to the 6-inch drop at the end of the conveyor that grills the patty for exactly 2 minutes, 35 seconds at 630 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Not exactly how we prepare food at the Vegan News Daily test kitchen, but OK.

As for the consumer, the Impossible Whopper will cost $1 more than a typical beef Whopper – not an insignificant amount in an industry in which competitive pricing is highly touted and advertised.

So, check it out and let us know what you think!