Inspiring Vegan Indian Feast: A Quick Recap

Team + Indian Food

On Tuesday, September 29, Vegan News Daily hosted a fabulous, interactive cooking class—Inspiring Indian—  as the second episode of our 3-part Vegan Cooking Series in September: Fall in Love with Flavor!

An aside: The Test Kitchen smelled great!

Here’ what we did: We taught our Vegan News Daily members how to make 18+ delicious vegan Indian recipes.  And get this: together, we created all the texture and flavor of traditional Indian food without the need to use oil, cheese (paneer), ghee, yogurt, sugar, gluten or meat!

The class was packed with important health information about the benefits of fruit, why we don’t cook with oil and why milk-based yogurt is not a health food. 

We also shared fun cultural stories about women entrepreneurs and empowerment in India, Buddha and a pomegranate, the 400 year old spice market in Delhi (the largest in Asia), why the British feared chapatti in 1857, why samosas aren’t actually Indian and so much more! 

In our Inspiring Indian class, the 18+ vegan dishes that we demonstrated how to cook were…

-Masala Chai 

-Mango 🥭 Lassi 

-Mint Coriander Chutney 

-Mango Chutney 

-Tamarind Chutney 

-Sambals & Cucumber Sambal 


-Papri Chaat 



-Red Lentil Papadums 

-Smashed Potatoes with Chutney aka “Batata Vada” 

-Mulligatawny Soup 🍲

-Turmeric Rice 

-Cauliflower and Chickpea Masala 

-Lentil Curry-in-a-Hurry 

-Pineapple with Curry 

-Carrot “Kheer” Pudding with Cardamom and Rosewater  

Next week, we continue our series with our Tasty Thai class!  

Want to join the fun? Every class is fully recorded so you can join now and have lifetime access to the videos, recipes, shopping lists and daily support! 

Every class is 90-minutes long and has a fun theme…

-Fantastic French, September 22nd (full replay will be available for Members)

-Inspiring Indian, September 29th (full replay will be available for Members)

-Tasty Thai, October 6th (full replay will be available for Members)

Make your reservation today! You’ll love it! And we’ll love hosting you!