Sneak Peek: Thai Vegan Satay with Peanut sauce


When you mention Thai food, most people immediately think delicious and spicy.

We agree.

That’s why the Vegan News Daily Test Kitchen took on the challenge and has come up with something really special —  a Vegan Satay that tastes and looks exactly like something you’d buy from a street vendor in Thailand.

In fact, Satay is thought to have been invented by those very same street vendors on the Indonesian island of Java, inspired by the Indian kebab. Satay can be found in many Southeast Asian countries from Malaysia to Singapore and from the Philippines to Thailand.

Historically, Satay has been made from meat, seasoned with different herbs and spices and then grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire. It is then served with spices and sauces like peanut sauce.

Luckily for the animals and our health, there is absolutely no need to use chicken, meat, oil or salt in our recipe!

Instead, we use tofu or tempeh!

Tempeh has more protein and fiber than tofu and it is less processed. Eating tempeh may decrease cholesterol levels, oxidative stress and appetite while improving bone health.


By way of background, tempeh is a fermented food and also contains prebiotics, which may improve digestive health.Our Satay will leave your taste buds dancing, your body feeling light and your heart happy from not eating animal products!

What’s more, this delicious appetizer will be featured in our upcoming Cooking series, Fall in Love with Flavor, starting on September 22nd.

Our series has three action-packed classes. Every class is 1-hour long and has a fun theme…

-Fantastic French, September 22nd

-Inspiring Indian, September 29th

-Tasty Thai, October 6th 

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