Plant-based Dog Food Commits to Go Plastic Neutral


V-dog, a leading national dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, will offset its plastic footprint through a partnership with rePurpose Global, a movement of conscious consumers and businesses going plastic neutral by financing the removal of landfill- and ocean-bound plastic worldwide.

“We’ve always been committed to sustainability,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-dog. “One of the best reasons to switch to plant-based nutrition for your dogs is that vegan dogs have a smaller ‘carbon paw print.’ Partnering with rePurpose Global to eliminate the impact of plastic from our production is an exciting opportunity to extend our commitment in a meaningful new way.”

Through the partnership with rePurpose Global, a percentage of every v-dog product purchase will fund the collection, processing and reuse of plastic waste bound for landfills.

V-dog’s contribution will offset the packaging for the company’s four treat products. This bold commitment will remove the equivalent of 200% of the plastic used to produce v-dog’s treat packaging from the world’s landfills every year. 

Founded in 2005, v-dog was one of the first companies to offer 100% plant-based and animal-free dog food. The vegan-owned and –operated family company is based on the principle that dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan diet.

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