CBD Oil Part II: 6 Key Things to Look for in Hemp Oil

A little homework goes a long way in selecting the best hemp oil for you


In Part I of our series on hemp, we began to explore the hype versus the help surrounding CBD products – notably oil-based products.

In Part II, we’ll take a look at what distinguishes the top products on the market and help you make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Sound good?  Great, let’s get started.

#1: Select a Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

A broad spectrum hemp (or CBD) oil is one that preserves the synergistic benefits that naturally occur in hemp rather than taking an isolate.

For example, the hemp extract in one of the most recently developed products – Recept, from PrimeMyBody — is indeed broad spectrum with 500mg CBD, 30mg CBG, CBDV, CBC and seven types of terpenes.  Combined, this broad spectrum creates a therapeutic response in the brain, central nervous system, immune system, and hormonal systems that brings the mind and body in greater balance.

#2: Look for CBG in Your CBD

While you may know that CBD has been shown to boost energy, advance healing, improve mood and gut health, support deep rest and optimal sleep while also providing relief from stress and discomfort, there is more that hemp oil can accomplish.

CBG is a new cannabinoid that research is showing to be a potent anti-inflammatory, when taken synergistically with CBD. But, there’s a catch: CBG is more difficult to extract.  So, the top providers will make it a priority and consumers are increasingly demanding it.

#3: Opt for Fast-acting Absorption Rates to Speed Results

The most advanced hemp oil producers  are now distinguishing themselves with fast absorption rates. 

Once again, Recept rises to the fore. It acts faster and affects you longer than any other hemp oil because at the moment it is the only product to use a sonicated nano-liposomal delivery system.

In lay terms, liposomal delivery means encapsulating the cannabinoids and terpenes in liposomes, or tiny fat bubbles so they can be absorbed directly into the blood and completely bypass the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

High absorption rates are key to unlocking the potential of hemp oil

Sonication is the process of making the liposomes even smaller so they can be absorbed even more quickly and deeply into the cells.

The sonicated liposomes in RECEPT are confirmed to be the smallest nanoparticles ever used in CBD — at only 20 nanometers.

What that does is dramatically boost the absorption rate into your system.

With RECEPT, the absorption rate exceeds 95% versus a mere 6-10% for many others, which have to pass through the blockages in the GI tract to be absorbed via the small intestine. 

Conversely, with a nanoparticle CBD, you simply put a few drops under your tongue and in a few seconds it is absorbed into your blood system.

And, there’s an added benefit to high absorption rates: They’re fast acting and you don’t need as much of it to create a therapeutic response in your body.

# 4 Go Organic, Non-GMO and THC Free

The importance of using organic, non-GMO hemp cannot be overstated!

Hemp is a bioremediator, which means it detoxifies the soil and accumulates toxins in the process. So a non-organic certified or GMO hemp oil could actually hurt instead of help you.

What’s more, we recommend a product that has 0% THC. it’s intended to get you healthy, not high. 

The truly top-end products are also:

• Ethanol-free

• Vegan (Dairy-free)

• Gluten-free

• Soy-free

• Made in a Halal or Kosher Facility.

# 5  Find a Product that Has Proven Results

Do your research. Sift through the science; talk to friends; read reviews; listen to experts; and do your homework.  

While hemp oils typically do not make any medical claims to treat, heal prevent or diagnose any illness or condition, find one that:

• Helps relieve stress and discomfort

• Supports optimal rest and sleep

• Increases attention and productivity

• Clears brain fog and supports mental clarity

• Promotes homeostasis within the mind and body

• Improves mood and gut health

#6  Demand 3rd  Party Certification

There’s a lot of hemp oil offerings out there – some far better than others.

That’s why it is important for your hemp oil to be third-party certified and have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) proving that it contains the ingredients it promises and is free of toxins.

A CoA is issued by a lab for quality assurance and contains the actual results obtained from testing performed as part of quality control.

Why is this such a big deal?

Independent third-party testing is key. Photo courtesy of: Dixie Botanicals

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) by an independent 3rd party lab can verify, as in the case of PrimeMyBody, that RECEPT Hemp Oil contains sonicated liposomal CBD, CBG and a full spectrum terpene profile.

Plus, it guarantees that the product is free of any contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals. In other words, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it because an independent lab with the official CoA has done the research.

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So, if you’re interested is joining the hemp oil revolution, give it a try and tells us what you think!