KAO USA Personal Care Collection Maximizes Sustainability, Minimizes Use of Plastic


Vegan personal-care product company Kao USA Inc is going green in a big way. 

Here’s how: The company has launched a new product line called MyKirei– vegan-friendly, plant-based formulas that are 95% biodegradable and packaged in innovative, eco-friendly delivery systems. MyKirei products will be packaged in a bottle that uses up to 50% less plastic, helping to address the global reliance on plastic. 

The first products include a shampoo, conditioner and hand wash. The formulas feature blends of traditional, authentic Japanese ingredients, like yuzu fruit, rice water and Japanese tsubaki flower. 

The concept of Kirei is revered in Japanese culture where simplicity and cleanliness are considered beautiful. Embedded within this concept of Kirei is the principle that one has a responsibility to contribute to creating harmony and respect in the greater world. 

“With MyKirei, we are bringing this wisdom to the Western consumer with innovation for a gentler, more sustainable way of living,” explains Karen Frank, President Kao US. 

To ensure that no waste is left behind, Kao has partnered with TerraCycle™ to create a program to allow consumers to recycle the package and the pumps post-use.

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