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Elements Massage® to Offer Hemp-Infused Therapeutic Massage


Elements Massage®, one of the fastest-growing therapeutic massage franchises in the nation, announced the introduction of CBD Herbal Ritual™, the brand’s newest line of exclusive hemp-infused therapeutic massage treatments. 

CBD Herbal Ritual launches at participating Elements Massage studios nationwide on May 20 and can be added as an additional upgrade to any massage session for clients seeking a deeper level of relief.

Studies show that CBD derived from hemp may help alleviate pain and ease soreness. Elements Massage uses a custom CBD infused massage oil that is THC-free and is from organically farmed hemp plants, which means clients will receive the anti-inflammatory benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Applied topically, the whole-hemp CBD oil is a natural plant therapy blend that also includes aloe vera, ginger extract and rosemary oil. The CBD oil is vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free and uses organic ingredients, so you can feel at ease trying this signature new treatment.

“The intention of CBD Herbal Ritual is to offer a simple, therapeutic and effective full-body massage service to our clients that also incorporates the wellness benefits of CBD,” said Eric Stephenson, Elements Massage’s Chief Wellness Officer. “Our approach combines massage with CBD oil to help reduce pain and inflammation and calming the fight or flight stress response.”

CBD Herbal Ritual is great for those individuals dealing with the following conditions:

    Localized pain

    Muscle soreness



    Muscle spasms

“The introduction of CBD Herbal Ritual builds on our rich history of providing innovative, personalized massage services that address our clients’ needs and contribute to their overall wellness,” said Susan Lintonsmith, Elements Massage CEO. “We understand that the application of CBD may be new to many of our clients, but we’re confident that this is a safe and effective service offering that should provide results for many.”

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