Fast Food Quickens Pace of Vegan Menu Options

Del Taco, Burger King, McDonalds and more are presenting veg and vegan options

Vegan Cheeseburger

Fast food, once slow to present delicious and nutritious veg and vegan menu options to customers, has now sped the pace to go green.

According to industry buzz, Del Taco will be going nationwide with new vegetarian/vegan options by the end of April 2019. And get this, apparently all 594 locations of the chain will offer the Beyond Taco and Avocado Beyond Taco, with Beyond Meat also available as a substitute option for other menu items.

Del Taco
Vegan and vegetarian options expected in April of this year

That follows news that Taco Bell will test out vegetarian menu options throughout the year.  What’s more, Burger King already sells the Morningstar Veggie Burger in select locations.

And get this, White Castle now offers the “Impossible Slider.” Even McDonald’s, which began offering a salad bar several years ago is testing vegan nuggets, and KFC is not far behind.