#1 Tip to Get Your Glow Back


When it comes to exercise and detox, the simplest thing you can do is move!  Seriously.

According to top wellness experts jump right in with — two feet.

How? Take a walk, breathe fresh air into your lungs and get your heart rate up. Do something.

“But if you want to really get in the detox fast lane, the #1 exercise is rebounding — jumping on a mini-trampoline,” explains Caileigh Feldman, Certified Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Specialist and Co-founder of Give Joy a Chance.

What is Rebounding?

Continued Feldman, “Rebounding is a low-impact, high intensity workout increases heart rate and oxygen consumption even more than an activity like running. Plus, it’s different than any other form of exercise because it subjects your body to a strong gravitational force (g-force).”

Why is that important?

Literally every cell in your body experiences a g-force that makes it feel like you are double or triple your weight for a fraction of a second when you hit the deepest point of your mat. This g-force strengthens the body and increases your white blood cell count. Then, on the upward bounce your body completely relaxes as you feel light and weightless.

 How to Rebound

First things first, put your rebounder on a good foundation in a clear open space either outside or in a room with adequate ceiling space.


You can jump barefoot, with non-sliding socks or in sneakers. How intensely you rebound is based on your state of health and your experience.

“When you begin rebounding, it’s good to start bouncing slowly then gradually increase the intensity of the training. If you are having trouble balancing, go even slower, stare at a fixed object, brace yourself with one hand on the wall or buy a rebounder with a handle.”

Sounds easy enough, right?

When it comes to jumping, you can begin with a small jump and then lift one knee at a time up until your thigh is parallel with the ground on each bounce. You can add on to this basic exercise by introducing some controlled arm swings. Jumping jacks is a classic rebounder exercise.

Another good exercise is ‘Twists’ – where you bring your right knee and left elbow (and vice versa) together as you  jump. Have fun and add some music to really get in the rhythm of your bounce. Just remember to come to a standstill on the rebounder before you dismount to prevent injury! It’s sufficient to exercise on the rebounder 20-30 minutes per day.

Doing just one session is fine but splitting up your training time in a few shorter sessions can be even more beneficial to keeping you fit! Also, it’s much better to be consistent with moderate rebounding every day rather than training once a week for a longer time.

 Bounce Your Lymph System to New Heights

Added Feldman’s partner and husband, Brian Russo, also a detox expert and Co-founder of Give Joy a Chance, “Overall, rebounding is the winning detox exercise because it moves your lymph, which is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells that bathes all your tissues.

It drains through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream. “In essence,” Russo notes, “This system is your septic tank. Blood carries nutrition and fuels to cells, which eat and excrete just like we do. It’s the lymphatic system’s job to remove the byproducts and wastes caused by metabolizing these nutrients and fuels.

“But when we eat an acid-forming diet (meat, dairy, processed sugar) our lymphatic sewer system gets clogged and congested and can no longer eliminate effectively. Also, unlike the blood which is pumped through our body, the lymphatic system has no pump.”

That’s where rebounding comes in: It’s a daily lymphatic massage that is able to move every cell to get your lymph moving. Stimulating the lymph system through muscle contraction moves the lymph system and helps it to expel toxins.

On the other hand, when the lymph system is inflamed and congested, the skin is forced to take over its eliminative functions. This situation can cause your skin to lose elasticity, break out in acne, age prematurely and have a flaky texture.

So bounce on, detox and radiate.