First Biodesigned Human Collagen for Skincare Market from Geltor

Type 21 collagen - the molecular root of youthful, resilient human skin - selected for its biocompatibility with human skin cells


Biodesign company Geltor has announced HumaColl21™ — what it bills as “the first ever human collagen created for cosmetics formulations, sustainably produced with zero animal inputs.

HumaColl21™ is a first of its kind commercial human Type 21 collagen – the molecular root of youthful, resilient human skin – selected for its maximum biocompatibility with human skin cells. 

“There are so many naturally occurring proteins with incredible functions outside of the current animal ecosystem,” says Geltor co-founder and CEO, Alex Lorestani. “Our goal is to spearhead the use of bioactive proteins like collagen across new categories. HumaColl21™ opens the door to not only better results, but a better overall process that can safely be used across beauty, the food and beverage industry, and beyond.”

Of the twenty-eight types of collagen that the human body produces, Type 21 has been identified as a critical precursor to human collagen types I and III – essential components to the maintenance of skin elasticity and youthfulness.

High-performance collagen ingredient that is
100% animal free

With the addition of the HumaColl21™ ingredient to Geltor’s commercial portfolio, the company planning to to establish a revolutionary paradigm of skincare biocompatibility. The sustainable fermentation process of these consumer proteins combines advances in biology and computation, and enables production anywhere in the world using only a fraction of the land, water and time required to process animal collagen. 

Today, most collagen for consumer products is sourced from the skin and bones of factory-farmed pigs and cows, without consideration for biocompatibility with human skin.

Among the benefits HumaColl21™ can provide to consumers are purity, improved skin collagen content, reduction of wrinkles, firming and tightening of the skin, and improved skin elasticity and moisturization/hydration.

Currently, HumaColl21™ is being used as the hero ingredient in AHC’s “Ageless Real Eye Cream for Face”, a Korean anti-aging face cream.

“Geltor is raising the bar for the standard in the cosmetics and personal care industry,” said a representative of Kolmar. “As we transition into an era of consciously aware customers, the demand for clean, animal-free products that deliver on user results is growing. Using HumaColl21™ elevates our product against competitors by not only allowing us to offer them clean, vegan ingredients but one that is also optimized for maximum performance.”

Geltor is a biodesign company that has created the world’s largest selection of designer proteins, with leading biocompatibility, functionality and benefits for consumers.

Geltor products are 100% animal- and GMO-free, sustainably cultivated, and clinically demonstrated for high performance. Geltor was founded in 2015 by Alexander Lorestani and Nick Ouzounov and is based in San Leandro, California.

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