3 Healthy & Sweet Vegan Halloween Treats that Even Witches and Goblins will Love!

Halloween family in costume

Can you believe that it is almost time for Halloween? We love walking around the neighborhood this time of year, enjoying the crisp fall weather and seeing the wonderful decorations from carved pumpkins to ornamental squash, from inflatable dragons to 14-foot tall skeletons, from witches with broomsticks stuck in trees to monsters lurking in the bushes. 

Halloween is such a fun holiday, however, the ingredient list on most treats are truly spooky!

Why? Halloween treats are typically packed full of sugar, oil and processed chemicals. Luckily, choosing healthier foods doesn’t mean that you have to avoid all sweets. We are here to help you find healthy treats that satisfy your sweet tooth and your tummy. 

Here are 3 Healthy & Sweet Vegan Halloween Treat Ideas for Your Family: 

1. Crunchy Caramel Apples. Apples are THE star fruit of the fall season. Have fun going apple picking with your friends and family (we recommend trying to find an organic apple orchard). Then have fun making these delicious and nutritious raw vegan caramel apples. We love this awesome caramel apple recipe from 40Aprons and–to make it SOS-free–simply omit the coconut oil from the caramel sauce.

2. Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Pots du Creme. Do you love chocolate as much as we do?  Then you will enjoy our delicious vegan Chocolate Pots du Creme recipe.* To put a fun Halloween twist onto our recipe, decorate your Chocolate Pots du Creme with these fun spooky lemon poppy seed tombstone cookies from Wallflower Kitchen. To make the Wallflower Kitchen cookie and icing recipe SOS-free (salt, oil, sugar free), simply omit the coconut oil. 

*Note: Email us if you want the Chocolate Pots du Creme recipe at [email protected] 

pots de creme

3. Bloody Chocolate Cups with Raspberry Sauce. Simple AND sweet recipes are often the best. That’s why we love this three-ingredient chocolate cups recipe from Elephantastic Vegan. These are easy enough to make with young children and will be enjoyed by the entire family. Don’t love raspberries? You could always substitute strawberries instead. 

We hope you have a very sweet, spooky and fun Halloween!

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