Vegan News Daily Cooking Instructors on Chef AJ Live Oct. 31

Pardon My Turkey on Checf AJ Live

If you’re looking for a sneak preview of the Vegan News Daily upcoming series, “Pardon My Turkey,” we’ve got just the show!

Featuring delicious vegan takes on wonderful Thanksgiving flavors, join Mom/Daughter dynamic vegan cooking instructor duo Elspeth (“The Speedy Vegan”) Feldman and raw vegan expert, Caileigh Feldman on Chef, AJ Facebook Live — Saturday, October 31st at 2:00 pm EST.

And, if you’re looking for more amazing vegan cooking options — particularly as they Holiday Season approaches –join our upcoming, three-part series: “Pardon My Turkey.”

Pardon My Turkey

Each Vegan News Daily Dinner Club class is approximately 90 minutes long and has a fun theme

  • Amazing Appetizers & Sides November 5th
  • Exciting Entrées & Delicious Desserts November 12th
  • Beautiful Breakfast & Brunch November 19th

You will receive your delicious 21+ vegan recipes in your very own amazing vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Book — authored by our very vegan stars — as well as detailed shopping lists — all by November 1st.

You can relax, take notes and watch the series! You’ll be prepared to start cooking after you’ve watched the show. And don’t worry if you miss a class! You’ll receive full-length video recordings of each class in your private play list.

How nice is that! So join us! And, for lots more recipes, subscribe to our YouTube Channel right here!