How to Eat Vegan at a Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant !


Who doesn’t love going out for brunch with friends and family?

Brunch is a wonderful time to laugh with loved ones, swap stories and enjoy each other’s company. But, is it possible to eat out for brunch as a vegan?


Delicious Tofu Scramble

Not only is it easy to find vegan brunch options, you’ll likely end up enjoying a delicious meal without feeling heavy or bloated afterwards. Remember: restaurants typically use lots of processed sugar, salt and oil in their dishes so specify to your waiter ahead of time if you are avoiding those items. 

Here are our Top 6 Tips for eating vegan at a Brunch spot: 

  1. Let the server know that you’re vegan ahead of time and kindly ask for any meat, egg, cheese, butter, yogurt or fish to be removed from your meal! 
  2. Check the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what you want to order and call the restaurant to kindly find out their vegan options. 
  3. Order fun vegan side dishes! The options that we recommend are: roasted potatoes, home fries (ask for no butter), fruit bowls (you can choose the fruits that you like best), oatmeal (ask for plant-based milk like almond or soy milk), grilled vegetables, tofu scramble (some places will offer this), vegan pancakes/waffles (not every place has these), toast and jam, veggie burrito, salads, Acai bowls and soup (check to make sure there is no meat, chicken broth or cream in it!) 
  4. Order a delicious loose-leaf tea, freshly squeezed juice or smoothie (made with plant-based milk) to accompany your meal. 
  5. Some great main course options are: Avocado Toast, Veggie Soup & Salad, Oatmeal and Fruit, Grilled Veggie Burrito and a Big Smoothie Bowl with Granola!  
  6. Most importantly: be kind, have fun socializing with your loved ones and don’t stress too much about the food!

Bon appetit!

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