The Daily Fast to Feel Lean and Serene


If you’re looking to feel great and maybe even a bit leaner, consider the benefits of routine fasting as a way of cleansing the body, clearing the mind and achieving a heightened level of wellness.

Sounds good, but when you’ve got a busy schedule and a demanding exercise routine, what’s a vegan to do?

Try this: Complete your last meal of the day, dinner, at around 7:00 pm.  From that point on, simply don’t snack or eat.  Carry on with your evening activities. Do something stimulating, enlightening and fun — just don’t eat.

Then, when you get up the next morning, rather than reach for the coffee cup, do a 30-minute physical or mental activity — just for you! That could include yoga, meditation, a quick walk, a bike ride or even a vigorous run.

It’s your call.

After that, you’ll be starving and your body will really appreciate the nourishment.  You’ll fee lean and serene.  Guaranteed.