Meals on Wheels Partners with Kate Farms to Supply Plant-Based Nutrition to Seniors

Kate Farms donates $500,000 of product to Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels in California is delivering plant-based nutrition to at-risk seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to a $500,000 product donation–equivalent to 100,000 meals–from Kate Farms, an organic vegan medical nutrition formula. 

John Hommeyer, Chief Experience Officer at Kate Farms said: “Now is the time to come together to support Americans who are at risk. We saw a need in our community to help our elderly.” 

Initially, the donation distribution will begin in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Next, the program will expand to serve communities statewide including COVID-19 hotspot San Francisco. 

The pandemic has increased the demand for Meals on Wheels nationwide–specifically in Southern California. In fact, in the span of two weeks, the number of clients served has grown by 20% in LA. The organization expects the number of seniors served to increase by 40% in the coming weeks. 

Chris Baca, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels West, noted, “Delivering high-quality, nutritious food to those who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. We are grateful for the generous donation that will provide more vital nutrition to our clients who need it now more than ever.” 

The $500,000 product donation includes Kate Farms three core products – Komplete Shakes, Peptide 1.5 and Standard formula.

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