Sneak Peek: Vegan Gluten-Free Samosas with Mango Chutney


If you have a craving for Vegan Gluten-Free Samosas with Mango Chutney, we’ve got you covered!

This incredible dish, lovingly crafted in the Vegan News Daily Test Kitchen, is ready for prime time! What’s more, these Vegan Samosas taste and look exactly like a delicious appetizer that you’d order at your favorite Indian restaurant — even better!

Samosas actually originated in the Middle East and Central Asia.

According to some accounts, Amir Khusro (1253–1325), the royal poet of the Delhi Sultanate, wrote in approximately 1300 CE that the princess and nobles enjoyed the “samosa prepared from meat, ghee, onion, and so on”.

Indian Food
Elspeth (The Speedy Vegan, left) and Caileigh Feldman in the Vegan News Daily Test Kitchen cooking up Indian and Thai delights!

Samosas are a popular dish in countries such as India, Nepal, Burma and Pakistan. The word “samosa” actually comes from the Persian word ‘sanbosag’ which means triangle, due to its shape. Samosas are traditionally deep fried in oil. They are small triangular pastries made with flour and stuffed full of savory fillings such as vegetables, spices, potatoes , onions and occasionally meat.

Historically, they are served with sauces like mango, tamarind, mint and coriander chutneys. Luckily for the animals and your health, there is absolutely no need to use animal products, flour or deep fry the samosas in oil in our recipe!

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