Vegan Pantry Tips to Make Life Easy, Healthy and Fun


If you’ve ever wondered how to make vegan eating even more delicious and easy, consider these top tips for your pantry:

  • Store nuts and seeds in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh and prevent them from going rancid. 
  • Store grains, spices and herbs in jars. Label your herb and spice jars so that you easily know what’s inside. 
  • Have 2-3 fresh herb plants growing in your kitchen such as basil, mint, rosemary, oregano and thyme. 
An organized fridge makes life a lot more fun and easy!
  • Have different kinds of sprouting seeds to make your own sprouts in bell jars. 
  • Assign cabinets and drawers for everything in your kitchen so you don’t lose items. 
  • Keep a running list of what’s in your freezer so you don’t forget. 
  • Keep veggie broth and marinara sauce frozen in ice cube trays! We call these “Supercubes”, and they are great to pop out and use while cooking. 

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French Lemon Apple Tart, one of the featured desserts in “Fall in Love with Flavor!”

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