Vegan Bakery Rises to the Occasion to Donate 20,000 Loaves of Bread

Angelic Feeding America

Talk about donating some dough to Covid relief, Angelic Bakehouse, a vegan GMO-free bread manufacturer, will donate up to 20,000 loaves to Feeding America organizations in the Wisconsin area. 

True to its name, the company lives up to its “Be Angelic” motto of doing intentional acts of kindness. The company will match every purchase of a new Donate A Loaf product on its website, with two loaves going to Feeding America. The company intends to scale this program over the duration of the global crisis.


Noted Scott Marshall,   director of development and communications for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, “Receiving high-quality food directly from trusted partners, like Angelic Bakehouse, makes it easier for our team to quickly get it into the hands of those within our community who need it most.”

What’s more, Angelic Bakehouse’s plan is to make the Loaf You program a permanent fixture in its Be Angelic efforts, eventually opening this up to other nonprofit partners once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. 

Learn more and make a donation here: