Proudly Vegan Wines Launches in U.S.

Proudly Vegan

Proudly Vegan Wines has officially launched in the U.S. following its debut in January.

UK-based international wine supplier and Proudly Vegan parent company, Broadland Wineries, launched the brand in the UK in 2018, where it has since won numerous awards and earned listings in leading UK retailers and vegan restaurants.

Broadland’s decision to introduce the 100% vegan wines – a first in that even the ink and glue used on the label are certified as vegan – to the U.S. market was in response to data.

It shows a 600-percent increase in the number of vegans in the U.S.A in the last 3 years and that 39% of Americans are trying to eat more plant-based foods.

Here’s why it’s important: Not all wine is suitable for vegans: animal products including casein, gelatin and isinglass (a fish product) are sometimes used at various stages of the viticultural and winemaking processes. 

“There is no reason why vegans shouldn’t enjoy great wine and be 100% confident that the liquid is in line with their diet and lifestyle, without sacrificing quality or authenticity,” says Dr. Woodrow. “Vegan foods and flavors are so diverse and deserve an equally varied range of wines to pair with them, at an accessible price point.”

The 2018 vintage range of Proudly Vegan Wines includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé and Merlot from Chile’s Central Valley, with a Prosecco slated to land in the USA this June.

Broadland Wineries are now seeking additional distribution across the US – for further information and wholesaler interest, contact David Durden, Vice President of Sales for North America, at [email protected]