Vegan Food Dominating Menus in 2019 According to Latest Research

Vegan food

Fishbowl, a leading data, marketing, and analytics solutions provider, has announced its sixth annual Emerging Brands Report and the world of vegans is looking pretty, pretty good.

In fact, the company noted: “This year, restaurants offering healthy, high-quality nutritional foods, salads, and vegan menus dominated the list.”

Each year the report features a list of 30 emerging restaurant brands displaying growth based on progressive and innovative approaches to food, service, atmosphere, and customer service. For 2019, the Top 10 are, in order, Cava Grill, Bartaco, True Food Kitchen, Dig Inn, Mendocino Farms, Urban Plates, Lemonade, The Little Beet, Bibibop Asian Grill, and Punch Bowl Social. True Food Kitchen, Mendocino Farms, and Cava Grill also made the list in 2018.

“This rich data source is important as it reveals how brands position themselves against one another, and based on ratings and frequency trends, we evaluate growth in consumer enthusiasm,” said Fishbowl’s Chief Analytics Officer Mike Lukianoff. A restaurant’s performance—specifically in the areas of ratings and review count growth—determined its inclusion on the 2019 list. “Many times, consumers discover a brand early in its development and become emotionally invested in its growth,” said Lukianoff. “This creates an active sense of ownership that drives their loyalty and increases support on social media.”

A full report on the extended list of the Top 30 Emerging Brands is available for download here: