Défoncé Expands Cannabis-Infused Chocolates In California

New Single-Serving Squares and Low-Dose Bites and Full-Size Bars at Select Dispensaries and Delivery Services Across California


Fine chocolate maker Défoncé will add a selection of delicious new offerings to its popular line of premium cannabis-infused chocolate products.

In addition to the brand’s selection of full-size chocolate bars, select retail dispensaries and delivery services across California will offer new single-serving squares and low-dose bites, presented with an updated twist on Défoncé’s distinctive packaging style. 

All new offerings are gluten free (gf), with vegan (v) options available as well.

New products will include:


Bites come in four varieties, each coated in fine Belgian chocolate. A box contains 40 pieces, with each piece containing precisely 1mg of THC. Flavors include:

  • Dark Chocolate Blueberries (v, gf)
  • Milk Chocolate Almonds (gf)
  • Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans (gf)
  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts (gf)


Défoncé’s five flavors of single-serving squares are a perfectly proportioned, single serving treat. Available in two-square and eight-square boxes, each square contains 5mg of THC. Flavors include:

  • Dark Chocolate (v, gf)
  • Matcha Tea White Chocolate (gf)
  • Milk Chocolate (gf)
  • Mint Milk Chocolate (gf)
  • Vanilla White Chocolate (gf)

Noted Eric Eslao, founder and CEO of Défoncé, ”Our goal has always been to elevate the edible experience, and we’ve worked hard to develop a brand that is consistent, safe, and delicious. Our new products are perfect for those looking to indulge in a discreet and sophisticated fashion, and with the wide array of flavors, there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

Défoncé’s full-size chocolate bars have been a popular item with consumers and retailers alike since their introduction in 2015, when the company elevated the bar for taste and design in cannabis edibles. Each bar contains 90mg of THC, diagrammed into 18 portioned sections, containing 5mg of THC. Flavors include:

    Coconut Dark Chocolate (v, gf)

    Dark Chocolate (v, gf)

    Espresso Milk Chocolate

    Extra Dark Chocolate (v, gf)

    Hazelnut Dark Chocolate (gf)

    Matcha Tea White Chocolate (gf)

    Milk Chocolate (gf)

    Mint Milk Chocolate (gf)

    Vanilla White Chocolate (gf)

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