Yes, You Can Eat Vegan While Traveling — and It’s Easy!


Traveling is a very rewarding opportunity to experience new cultures, foods and people.

It is also a great way to expand your horizons and enrich your life. But, is it even possible to travel and find good vegan food options?

Luckily, it is getting easier around the world to find delicious vegan food. More and more grocery stores are offering plant-based products and restaurants are serving vegan dishes. Eating vegan while traveling does take some planning but eventually it becomes second nature. Here are our top tips for how to eat vegan while travelling. 

  1. Research local grocery stores and vegan-friendly restaurants ahead of time on “Happy Cow”!
  2. Pack lots of easy non-perishable snacks like dried fruit, nuts, seeds, popcorn all-natural peanut butter and granola bars. Pack perishable items like almond milk and vegan cheese in a Cooler. 
  3. Look at restaurant menus in advance and give the chef a quick call.  Most love the challenge of doing something “different” and take great pride in adapting to present delicious dishes that work for you!
  4. Get out there and have fun exploring local plant-based restaurants. If you can’t find any vegan restaurants, you can always vegan-ize virtually any menu by ordering side dishes, if necessary.  Think beans, rice, spinach, salads, bruschetta (sans cheese!), potatoes, corn…
  5. Book a room with a fridge and stove or stay at an Airbnb with a kitchen!
  6. Bring your own meals to airports (Remember: you can’t bring liquids through security. Instead of packing guacamole, pack an avocado and a lime to mash up once you get to your gate!) 
  7. Visit local produce markets and stock up on fruits and veggies. 
  8. Pack your own cutlery and bowl to have meals on the road.