Mutti® Introduces New Vegan Sauces for Pizza


Mutti®,one of the fastest growing brands of shelf-stable tomatoes in the USA, is launching its newest product line, Mutti® Sauces for Pizza and two of the offerings are vegan.

The sauces pay tribute to three Italian cities – Positano, Napoli, and Parma, each famous for their distinct ingredients and flavors.  

Developed to meet growing consumer demand for premium pizza sauces, the line’s three regionally inspired recipes allow anyone to easily create delicious and authentic pizzas in the comfort of their home using their creativity and sense for culinary adventure. 

The two new vegan offerings are: 

  • Mutti® Sauces for Pizza – Positano (with Garlic & Oregano): Inspired by the flavors of the Amalfi coast where fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes are blended with bursts of savory garlic and oregano. 
  • Mutti® Sauces for Pizza – Napoli (with Fresh Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil): Inspired by the Margherita pizza of Napoli, this sauce celebrates the beauty of simple, fresh ingredients with its tantalizing blend of vine-ripened tomatoes and aromatic basil. 

“Consumers are making more pizza at home…,” noted Katia Facchetti, President of Mutti USA Inc. “Our sauces start with our great fresh-tasting tomatoes and add a few simple, high quality ingredients.” 

Mutti® Sauces for Pizza are made with 100% Italian, non-GMO tomatoes and high quality ingredients like aromatic herbs and extra virgin olive oil. There is no added sugar, additives, or preservatives.