The Top 7 Ways to Sustain a Vegan Lifestyle Long-Term


There are plenty of great reasons to be vegan – personal health, great taste, animal welfare, improving the environment and more.

That said, many of us sometimes need a bit of added support to maintain a vegan lifestyle over the long-term.

So, your team at Vegan News Daily is pleased to present our top seven list!

Fill your home with beautiful fruit, veggies and flowers. What better way to stay excited!
  1. Know your “WHY” for being vegan! There are so many reasons to be vegan — from compassion for animals to the environment and from the health benefits to the environmental impact.
  2. Eat enough food. Most plant-based foods are less processed and less caloric. Increase your portion size overtime so that you are eating enough food in the day to sustain your energy. 
  3. Don’t over-complicate it. Keep your meals simple. You’ll get more enjoyment from your food when you can appreciate each ingredient. Too many ingredients in a meal is confusing for our senses and difficult to digest. 
  4. Eat lots of FRESH living produce. Enjoy fruits, veggies, sprouts and greens. 
  5. Keep highly processed foods to a minimum. As Dr. Fuhrman says, the best foods are the ones with no label at all. 
  6. Reduce or eliminate processed sugar, oil and salt. These ingredients make food hyper-palatable (which makes you eat more) and dulls your taste buds. 
  7. Have fun, find a support system like our Vegan Dinner Club series and make sure to stay social!

So, we’d love to hear from you! Please send your favorite ideas and suggestions to us at: [email protected].