Present Life Launches to Provide Plant-based Wellness and Beauty Products

Present Life

Present Life has just announced its launch with the goal to “create and acquire clean, benefit-led brands with no compromise on performance or the planet.”

The company commits that all “existing and forthcoming brands in the company portfolio will be plant-based, planet-friendly and with proven efficacy, spanning different price points and retail settings from mass to luxury.”According to Camillo Pane, Executive Chairman at Present Life, “We use cutting-edge science to unlock the true power of natural ingredients… Our consumer testing is extremely rigorous and we design and formulate to match the highest accreditations from the world’s most well-respected industry bodies.”

Pane is gathering a diverse team of corporate and start-up executives with the aim to benefit from the best of both worlds and disrupt the wellbeing and beauty market at scale.

Present Life’s first consumer brand is Healist

This April, Present Life launched Healist Advanced Naturals in the US. Healist is an innovative wellness brand with benefit-driven formulations designed to restore the body’s innate capacity to heal. Healist’s launch product line focuses on stress reduction, good sleep, and reducing muscle aches and discomfort. The brand’s pioneering formulations blend efficacious natural ingredients with organic, broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Healist is on a mission to bring transparency and credibility to a newly forming category. Therefore, all Healist products are clean and natural, triple lab-tested, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and contain 0.00% THC. All Healist products are packaged with sustainable materials including ocean waste plastic.

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