Vegan News Daily Launches YouTube Channel with Fresh Take on Manacotti: Delish!

Wonderful cooking tips and direction from Mom/Daughter Dynamic Vegan Cooking Duo


If you’re looking for an incredible new way to make manicotti – entirely vegan style – then tune into the new Vegan News Daily YouTube Channel.

This delicious vegan version of the classic Italian dish, manicotti, builds on all the flavors associated with a meal that many associate with a ricotta cheese stuffing. Not here!

You’ll find we’ve created an entirely new way to use tofu!

Mom/daughter dynamic vegan cooking duo Elspeth Feldman (“The Speedy Vegan”) and raw vegan expert Caileigh Feldman (right) debut Vegan News Daily on YouTube

This dish was one of the earliest known pasta shapes — usually ridged, stuffed and baked. It was made in ancient times by cutting the dough into rectangles, then rolling into tubes. Legend has it that when manicotti was first “invented” and tasted by a chef in Amalfi, Italy in 1924, church bells were rung that night in celebration of the chef’s magnificent pasta creation!

Like all of our recipes, it is delicious, nutritious, fresh and fast!

So enjoy.  If you’d like the entire recipe, email us at: and write “Manicotti” in the subject line.