Impossible Foods Tops Nestle in Legal Battle over Meatless Burger Name

Plant-based Burger Wars Flame Up


A European court has ordered Nestle SA to stop branding its meatless burger “Incredible,” ruling that the brand infringes on trademarks owned by Impossible Foods.

As a result, by order of the Distric Court of the Hague, Nestle must change the name of its Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger across the EU.

For its part, Nestle will now call the product “Sensational” and in a move that is less than sensational, continue to appeal the decision.

The Nestle product, according to The Wall Street Journal, is sold in 15 countries in Europe. In the U.S., Nestle sells a different plant0based burger called “Awesome Burger,” made from pea protein.

Impossible Burger has not yet taken a bite out of the European market, but says that it is moving towards that goal. The stakes are high. Meet-free products are growing rapidly in the U.S., but still stand at a little more than one percent of the total market.