Mexicana Vegana Rises as Next Major Flavor in Focus


Flavor Forecast, which highlights fresh flavor insights and inspiration from around the globe for nearly 20 years, revealed ‘Mexicana Vegana’ (Mexican Vegan) as the next flavor in focus. 

The appeal is clear, tasty and combines two giant trends.

First, Mexican food is one of the most beautiful, fresh and flavorful cuisines and continues to grow in popularity, with more than 237 million Americans who enjoyed Mexican food and ingredients in 2018.  

Second, more than ever, consumers are leaning into meatless meals with a conscious focus on the environment and their wellness goals. 

“It’s the two together, looking at Mexican food from a vegan lens, that appeals to Americans,” said McCormick Executive Chef Kevan Vetter. “Some consumers hear vegan and are intimidated. We found that leaning into familiar foods is a great entry into this trend.”

With classic bold spices and ingredients found in Mexican cooking like smoky dried chilies, bright citrus, cumin, garlic and onions, vegan dishes can deliver the uncompromising flavor everyone wants. Simple techniques like shredding eggplant and mushrooms to mimic pulled pork and crumbling garbanzo beans to replace chorizo sausage makes great meatless fillings for tacos, tortas and tostadas.