Redefine Meat Embraces 3D Printing to Deliver Meat Substitutes

Redefine Meat

Curious where the next wave of meat substitute products may be produced?

We’ll bet you probably didn’t consider a 3D printer.  But that could all change.

Israeli-based tech company Redefine Meat is developing technology that produces animal-free meat with the same appearance, texture and flavor of animal meat, from natural and sustainable ingredients.

The approach combines proprietary 3D meat modeling, food formulations and food printing technology to deliver a new category of complex-matrix “meat” in a cost effective and scalable way.

The company reports that it has 95% smaller environmental impact, no cholesterol, and is more affordable compared to animal meat. So who is the market? Redefine Meat products are designed to appeal to the world’s hundreds of millions of “flexitarians” or “conscious carnivores” who seek to reduce their meat consumption, often as part of their personal sustainability efforts.

What’s more, the global market for meat alternatives is the fastest growing segment of the food industry and is expected to reach $140 billion annually.

While there is a new wave of alternative meat products, the food industry relies on analog technologies to develop and produce them. As Redefine Meat explains on its website: “The pace of innovation and the rate of the adoption pales in comparison to the rapidly growing demand for better products. Redefine Meat is on a mission to introduce a technological platform to develop, launch and scale the next generation of Alt-Meat.”